Raised & based in California of Asian American heritage, w3madeit is a passionate music lover, visionary and instrumental storyteller who merges Eastern and Western influences.

As a multi-genre producer, he offers a diverse blend of sounds, from groovy Hip Hop beats to soulful R&B tunes. w3madeit's music journey is like an exotic buffet where every dish has its own unique flavor.

A Diverse Palette of Influences

w3madeit draws his inspiration from an extensive list of artists and producers (not all inclusive nor in any particular order), each contributing a distinctive touch to the contemporary music scene:

It's not just a list; it's a mixtape of life experiences and musical taste curation. Think Dr. Dre's beats, JAY-Z's wisdom, Kendrick's stories, and Masego's undeniable musical finesse – all rolled into one. And yes, there's room for surprises, like Lindsey Stirling's violin vibes and Hwasa's unique jazzy energy.

Where Genres Collide

It's not about being fancy or name-dropping. They're contributors to the influence of his life experiences. They shape his journey, and that's what makes the music real and respectable.

w3madeit's extraordinary versatility shines through in his discography. With albums like dream. and minute MADE. and singles like surreal., shuffle., oasis. and All We Have Is Love, he demonstrates a remarkable ability to produce in diverse musical styles.

Listen to w3madeit's complete discography on Spotify or Apple Music and follow his music journey, where genres blur, and the vibe is what matters.