In the world of indie music, w3madeit is your guide to a rich blend of sounds. He's not just a producer; he's an instrumental storyteller, merging influences from East to West. From groovy Hip Hop beats to soulful R&B tunes, w3madeit's music journey is like an exotic buffet where every dish has its own unique flavor.

A Diverse Palette of Influences

w3madeit draws his inspiration from an extensive list of artists and producers (not all inclusive nor in any particular order), each contributing a distinctive touch to the contemporary music scene:

It's not just a list; it's a mixtape of life experiences and musical taste curation. Think Dr. Dre's beats, JAY-Z's wisdom, Kendrick's stories, and Masego's undeniable musical finesse – all rolled into one. And yes, there's room for surprises, like Lindsey Stirling's violin vibes and Hwasa's unique jazzy energy.

Where Genres Collide

It's not about being fancy or name-dropping. They're contributors to the influence of w3madeit's life experiences. They shape his journey, and that's what makes the music real and respectable.

Follow 𝄞 w3madeit on his music journey, where genres blur, and the vibe is what matters.