🗝️ MIND VAULT: Behind the Beats 𝄞 All We Have Is Love

The concept for "All We Have Is Love" was created in a spark of spontaneity around February of 2023. 

This creation isn’t merely a blend of samples and compositions—it offers a panoramic view of love, revealing its power to unlock the doors to life’s many blessings.

Central to this song are the enduring wisdoms of love identified by the ancient Greeks:

· Agape, the love that uplifts and unites (unconditional "God" love)
· Philia, the deep connection of true friendship (friendship bond)
· Storge, the unconditional bond of family (familial bond)
· Eros, the passionate desire that invigorates (romantic love)

These forms of love are not just emotions but pathways to a richer, more fulfilling life.

Listening to "w3madeit - All We Have Is Love" is like a mantra. It’s an invitation to believe in the transformative power of love, to see it as a source of all good things. This song is a reminder that when you align with love’s true essence, you open yourself to a world where joy, success, and connection effortlessly flow into your life.

Understanding this concept means stepping into a realm where love acts as a magnet for abundance in your life.

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Song Credits:

All We Have Is Love was composed in collaboration with Moo Latte

Executively Produced by w3madeit

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