🗝️ MIND VAULT: Behind The Beats 𝄞 night owl.

Creating 'night owl.' was more than just another musical project; it was a journey of discovery set against the backdrop in the heart of Seoul, South Korea. While on vacation, immersed in the novelty of exploration, the concept for the track took flight in an unexpected moment of inspiration, right in my hotel room. It wasn't the sights or the sounds of Seoul that shaped its essence but the vibrant energy of being somewhere entirely new. This creative spark led to a track that, paradoxically, channels the pulsating life of New York City's nightlife rather than the immediate surroundings of Seoul.

The creation of 'night owl.' underscores a profound truth about artistic inspiration: it's boundless, not tethered to specific places or moments. Instead, it's the feeling of adventure, the thrill of the unknown, and the serendipity of experiences far from home that fuel creativity. This track serves as a bridge between cultures, a celebration of the universal energy that cities at night share, from Seoul to New York City, all while intertwining the diverse vibes of my California roots, resonating a unique cultural merge.

Through 'night owl.', I want to share with you the enchantment of my discovery, to feel the rhythm of cities that never sleep, and to find a piece of yourself in the music. It's a testament to how travel can open up new horizons, not just in the world around us but within our creative selves, making 'night owl.' not just a composition but a narrative of adventure, exploration, and the unexpected paths of inspiration.

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Lastly, here are some photos I took during my stay in Seoul of Summer '22, so you can briefly live vicariously through my travels:

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